Proficient Audit Firm in UAE

As a leading auditing firm in the UAE, Abdul Husain and Associates is a full-range management, audit, and advisory destination for companies ranging from emerging businesses, to giant corporations.

Our location in the city of Dubai, a global financial and business hub, brings investors and companies of a number of backgrounds to us, spanning those from all around the world.

Whether we are in the process of providing advisory services, or the organization in question needs an overhaul, our accounting company has displayed a commitment to quality and supreme service is what helps us retain our place as a top auditing and management consultancy firm. Apart from audit, accounting, and financial consultancy, our services also include free zone audits, and business advisory aspects.

Range of Accounting Services We Provide

Ranked among the top bookkeeping and accounting firms in the country, we provide organizations with a wide range of powerful accounting solutions.

Accounting & Financial Services

Covering the efficient handling of regular and sensitive financial data of your organization.

Audit & Assurance Services

Full assessment of the financial situation of your company, alongside assessing risk.

Company Business Planning

Putting together the objectives of your business, along with how to bring them to fruition.

Tax’s Accounting (VAT)

Assessing how proposed taxes will affect your company, and how to minimize impact.

Owners Associations Audit

Assessment of the financial statements of owner’s associations by specialist auditors.

Financial Statement Audit

Ensures independence and fairness in the assessment of the financial statements of the company.

Balance Sheet Audit

Thorough checks of the balance sheet figures using supplementary documents and paperwork.

Projects Cash Flow

For the purpose of creating useful forecasts to assess how a certain project is going to be financed.

Escrow Account Audit

Preparing company for, and implementing the escrow account audit for real estate entities.

Forensic Accounting

Used for the detection and prevention of financial crimes, including embezzlement and fraud.

Court Expert Witness

Providing an expert witness with knowledge of auditing systems to testify on your company’s behalf in court.

Dispute Account Support

Investigation of how expenses were made from your account without your knowledge.

Accounting Compliance & Reporting

Compliance and reporting tasks in line with the law and regulatory rules.

Fraud Examination – Anti Fraud

Detection and prevention of fraud in the finances of the company.

Financial Accounting Advisory

Using a team with multiple specializations to tackle impact from market and regulatory changes.

Statutory Audit

Implementing an audit system required by the relevant laws.

Internal Audit

Aimed at improving internal indicators such as compliance, risk, control, and governance.

Information System Audit

Assessing the company’s Information Technology (IT) framework for effectiveness of control.

Due Diligence

Assessing whether a venture is worth investment and consideration.

Business Valuation

Assessing a fair and accurate value for your business before planned sale.

Who We Are

Abdulhusain and Associates Offers wide variety of professional services in accounting and audit that include: statutory, internal and management audit and a host of financial consultancy services. We work closely with each and every client of ours to build a solid and professional working relationship. List of services which we provides.

With 36 years of experience in the field of auditing, financial and management consultancy and having the courage and integrity to help you meet these demands by providing quality support in much professionalized manner. We also consider that the foundations of sound professional practice are technical ability, confidentiality, integrity, commitments and enthusiasm coupled with total independence.

Services in Brief

We provide professional services in various fields like:

  • Engineering
  • Trading
  • Construction
  • Consulting
  • Distribution of Agency Products
  • Frozen Foods Processing
  • Garments Manufacturing
  • Gold Jewellery
  • Information Technology
  • Supermarkets
  • Hotel, Tours & Travels


One of the few reputable audit firms in Dubai that delivers almost every audit and accounting service, catering also to special requirements needing that kind of expertise.


Most accounting firms in Dubai offer the conventional range of services, but very seldom cater to aspects like expert witnesses and due diligence, most of which concern a person, not organization.