Professional Auditors in Dubai

In lay terms, auditors ensure that the important financial indicators as far as the company is concerned are accurate, and may even work to optimize things on this front.  As highly renowned auditors in Dubai, we have cultivated our corporate and business client-base by making the most of the experience our specialists bring to the table, and delivering the highest standard when it comes to solutions that best suit a corporation.

It is these solutions that provide us with the ability to help you initiate growth, and profitability. Therefore, when you come to us, you ensure that decades of auditing and accounting experience, and certified professionals are working to deliver the best auditing results for your company.

  • Preparation and analysis of Financial Statements
  • Preparing and reviewing fund flow and cash flow statements
  • Audits of various types of organizations.
  • Stock Audit.
  • Internal Audit.
  • Audits of Trusts.
  • Management Audit and Certification work.
  • Regulation Compliance
  • US GAAP & IFRS Implementation

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Approved Auditing Services in UAE

Full-service auditors in Dubai, providing services that relate to legal aspects, accounting, forecasting, risk management, and precautionary measures.

Financial Statements

Our auditors assess the company’s financial statements as an independent specialist, boosting their accuracy and reliability.

Internal Audit Services

Can cover a number of internal audit functions, including recommendations for companies to improve internal systems and control.

Forensic Audit and Fraud Examination

Implementing a forensic audit to detect criminal activity to support your company’s position on the legal front.

Remote Auditing and Data Analytics Services

Cutting out the aspect of the auditors’ physical presence by using data analytics alongside remote audits.

External Audit

Specialist services that require independent and highly qualified personnel to perform audit functions for the company.

Internal Audit

Our expensive expertise with several companies to increase efficiency, minimize risk, and optimize company operations.

Due Diligence Audit

Avoid risky investments and restructuring decisions thanks to due diligence audits that detect potentially problematic initiatives.

Feasibility Report

Before purchase or investment in assets, or initiation of project or merger, such a report can cover all major areas of interest, thereby simplifying the decision.