Business Advisors Services

The services of business advisory provided by An Associates is aimed to assist the management of any setup for improving the inception of ideas, process or operations, and effectiveness of strategy in the corporate sector. Our experts assess the requirements of the region, target audience, and organization and implement it in your business plans, functions and directions.

Our Area of Work

The advisory services for business in Dubai focus on the future prospects and current scenarios. By appointing our team, you will enhance your workflow. Our expert consultants will examine risk factors, market, legal and tax necessities, and finances to start up a business or bring improvement in existing business.

We assist our clients in:

  • Business Setup
    • LLC or Limited liability companies
    • Various joint ventures
    • City based sole establishment
    • Private company
    • International branch and subsidiaries
  • PRO Services

Get assistance with company liquidation, clearance from government and non-government departments, drafting of articles and Memorandum, and visa related issues.

  • Feasibility Reports
    • Cash flow, fund flow, and forecast statement preparation
    • Outsourcing and Book Keeping
    • Computerized accounts management
    • Annual and interim financial report preparation
    • General ledger maintenance
    • Closing completion both monthly and annual
    • Management of fixed assets, reconcile accounts
    • Depreciation schedule preparation
  • Financial and Business Consultancy
    • Planning capital structure and raising it
    • Assistance with Business Valuations
    • Corporate/ Personal/ Mortgage Loan Consultancy
    • Due Diligence
    • Corporate Funding
    • Compliance with UAE law for company formation and liquidation
  • Business Software Consultancy
    • Maintaining and creating accurate database.
    • Utilizing analysis and data extraction techniques
    • Increasing life cycle of system development
    • Planning for business continuity
    • Auditing and other e-commerce legal consideration
    • Implementation of ERP
    • Providing services of online accounting

Benefits of Business Advisory Services

  • Become a market leader through development strategies
  • Get SWOT analysis and forecasting and modeling
  • Deal with challenges effectively by implementing plans
  • Achieve the goals for economic impact
  • Get expert opinions for acquisition, merger and other legal aspects