Charted Accountants Solutions

As one of the major full service chartered accountant firms in the UAE, our organization provides a host of effective services that include and go beyond essential aspects such as management of taxation, accounts, and providing professional advisory services for businesses.

Our aim is to be classified among CA firms that promise to deliver on every front, regardless of the type of individual or business, while helping you comply with all kinds of legal and financial compliance requirements.

Whether your company is a retail entity or a corporate giant, a vast range of experience in the auditing and accounting sphere makes us a place you can expect to deliver powerful financial services, in a package that is highly cost-effective.

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Our charted Accounting Services Include

Our services span a number of essential and additional financial items that can only be delivered in truth, by your business procuring a leading chartered accountant firm.

Feasibility Record

We can help you carry out a survey of the value a new service or product will add, before you engage in business development.

Management Consultancy

Examining your current management and operating structure to implement effective organizational solutions.


Ordinary accounting tasks done on a regular basis, yet very important for the overall financial image of the company or organization.

Liquidation of Companies

Assistance with the redistribution of the company assets and winding up of the organization according to legal and regulatory requirements.

Dubai Quality Awards Consulting

Facilitating your qualification as a nominee for the award by advising on business excellence practices and closing the gap between performance and objectives.

Patents & Trade Mark Registration

Safeguarding the intellectual and proprietary interests and property that were propounded and produced by your organization.

How We Work


We have a meeting with representatives of your company and understand the nature of the business.

Audit Plan

The auditor looks over the information contained in the documents and plans how the audit will be conducted. An audit plan is then drafted.

Conducting Fieldwork

Fieldwork is then conducted by speaking to staff members and reviewing procedures and processes. The auditor tests for compliance with policies and procedures.

Drafting a Report

The auditor prepares a report detailing the findings of the audit. Included in the report are mathematical errors, posting problems, payments authorized but not paid and other discrepancies. The auditor then writes up a commentary describing the findings of the audit and recommended solutions to any problems.

Final Report

After the approval of senior management we give the final report.


Certainly one of the well known chartered accountant firms in UAE.


Part of the top CA firms in Dubai, with expertise in a number of financial segments.