Efficient Financial Auditors in Dubai

Safeguarding the financial assets of a company, and presenting their true picture is of great relevance to all stakeholders related to the company.

In short, financial auditors basically make sure that all of the financial information the company is producing is accurate and complete.

This serves a number of purposes for use within the company, and outside it. Firstly, it gives the company an independent and unbiased picture of its finances, therefore clearing the way for improvement.

Second, it enables other stakeholders, such as government authorities and regulators, major shareholders, and senior leadership to make sure that the company’s financial state is acceptable.

For the authorities, this is related to ensuring legal compliance, for the shareholders, it is concerned with financial health, and for the management, it makes it easy to identify the issues to address.

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Our Financial Auditing Services Include

Financial Statement Services

We examine your financial statements and related financial information as an outside auditor, producing a report as to the accuracy of the figures. This proves useful as a bill of health for outside parties, including investors.

Internal Audit Services

We carry out an evaluation process designed specifically to advise you on how to achieve organizational goals and improving operations. It also includes advisory services on how the company can better manage risk and boost controls.

Remote Auditing and Data Analytics

We use programs to process quantitative and qualitative data that can help to identify patterns of the business. Using this information, we can communicate advisory solutions to you, without being there in person.

Auditing & Attestation Services

Most useful in the banking segment, auditing and attestation is the process of backing up financial information and reports with the necessary proof, to boost accuracy and reliability.

System Audit & Analysis

We examine the information technology systems being used at your organization, to help make measure its components for efficiency.

How Financial Audit Services Works


We have a meeting with representatives of your company and understand the nature of the business.

Audit Plan

The auditor looks over the information contained in the documents and plans how the audit will be conducted. An audit plan is then drafted.

Conducting Fieldwork

Fieldwork is then conducted by speaking to staff members and reviewing procedures and processes. The auditor tests for compliance with policies and procedures.

Drafting a Report

The auditor prepares a report detailing the findings of the audit. Included in the report are mathematical errors, posting problems, payments authorized but not paid and other discrepancies. The auditor then writes up a commentary describing the findings of the audit and recommended solutions to any problems.

Final Report

After the approval of senior management we give the final report.