Introduction of VAT Tax in UAE

One of the first formally introduced and constant tax, the value-added tax (VAT), will be introduced by the government in the UAE starting January 2018. Though not applicable to all businesses, the impact, even if indirectly, will be observed in a number of industries, depending on the nature of the particular business.

Since the tax is based on the placement of transactions, it also has the potential to affect whole businesses. The point of approaching an auditing and accounting firm for the purpose of VAT planning is so that you have full control of how your business can minimize the negative impact of the tax.

VAT implementation is therefore about preparing your company and employees for transactions in a way that best facilitates tax liability, while also keeping you in full compliance with what your company legally owes as tax. Additionally, we are thoroughly experienced in tax matters, also capable of providing training seminars for employees, solving registration issues, and ensuring the filing of complete documentation with tax departments.

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How VAT Implementation Services Works

The VAT is going to be payable by all people in the country when they buy a product or service, at the rate of at or under 5{b879dbf4a1b118da91c7dea6b2fcf84f374adf834ecb495f0963bdb490555e9a}.

VAT Accounting

Related to keeping detailed records of the VAT the business paid or collected.

VAT Planning

Preparing for the implementation of the VAT through employee training and mapping of transactions.

VAT Advisory

Useful for companies seeking to reduce their VAT costs.

How We Work


We have a meeting with senior staff or chosen representatives of the company to understand the regular functioning of the company.

VAT Return Submission Plan

We prepare the return submission plan according to the requirement of the company.

Quarterly Return Submission

Our VAT expert review all the document and prepare and submit the returns on your behalf.

Consolidated Audit Report

At the end of the year we provide consolidated Audit report.

Frequently Asked Questions For VAT TAX


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